Hand rolled paper pens – no more plastic

Since the inception of the social enterprise, in 2013, we’ve made close to 20,000 hand rolled paper pens for a diverse range of clients, who we’re thrilled to be associated with… Ayzh (a social enterprise providing health and livelihood solutions to impoverished women worldwide), Alila Hotels, Axllearn, Aayuja Technologies, United Spirits, Volvo,  Vagabond, (who ordered pens as part of a green initiative for their events) to name a few. We’ve also sold scores of pens at IT campus sales, at Collectives and fairs in the city and at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in Mumbai.

This simple product made by tightly rolling a refill in a specifically cut length of newspaper, is a simple way of contributing to environmental protection. Not only is newspaper recycled, but energy saved by avoiding the melting and molding of plastic cases for refills. Most pens are used and thrown, and very rarely do people change the refills in a pen. We’re constantly advocating the use of our paper pens over the plastic alternative to ensure less plastic gets produced and discarded and can only hope that customers see the benefit.

The rolling action – rolling the newspaper over the refill, tightly, is a task that some of our trainees do a great job of. Mahak, Jiju, Manju, Pavithra, Navitha, Ayesha, Bhakyaraj and Deepika have mastered the task of the initial rolling. Deepika and Suresh work on tightening and finishing the pen with the help of trainers Raju and Raghu.

Our ability to customize the color, messaging, provide a cap to the pen and be of the right width to give a perfect grip, make our pens unique! If you’d like to place an order for your company, hotel, business, school, etc do get in touch.

Remember that all income earned by the social enterprise goes towards impacting the lives of intellectually challenged adults, through training and employment. Employment for them means greater self esteem, greater acceptance in the family and greater inclusion in the community.