Diwali Radiance Box


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This collection is not just a gift but a celebration of colors, flavors, and traditions. It’s thoughtfully curated to make your Diwali celebrations truly radiant, and it’s our way of illuminating your festivities with a touch of brilliance and a whole lot of warmth and delight.


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This premium collection is a testament to the vibrant spirit and rich traditions of the festival of lights. It all begins with the packaging – a large wooden box in a beautiful shade of green with a fitted cover. The box is not only a functional container but a keepsake that captures the essence of Diwali.

The centerpiece of this collection is the set of two intricately designed tea light holders. Crafted with care by skilled artisans, these holders boast three layers of exquisite Indian motifs, each one hand-painted to perfection.

When you light the included tea lights, made from eco-friendly soy wax, they cast a warm and inviting glow, creating an ambiance that perfectly complements the Diwali festivities.

Our offering extends beyond the visual and aromatic to the delicious. Enclosed in a medium-large Potli Bag made from Jute and Brocade, you’ll discover a 300-gram medley of premium dry fruits. This assortment includes the finest raisins, cashews, pistachios, almonds, and sunflower seeds. It’s a blend of flavors and textures, offering both a health-conscious snack and indulgent treat in one package.

To add a touch of enchantment to your Diwali décor, we’ve included fairy lights with a string of delicate handmade sola flowers. Sola or Shola Peth, a natural material native to India, are transformed into exquisite artificial blooms.

Last but certainly not least, we’ve included a sweet surprise – two chocolate bars, each weighing 100 grams. The first is a roasted almond chocolate bar, combining the rich and nutty flavor of almonds with premium chocolate. The second is a roasted cashew chocolate bar, where the buttery goodness of cashews meets the indulgence of fine chocolate.

“The ‘Diwali Radiance Collection,’ priced at Rs 3000/-, is not just a gift – it’s a celebration in a box, designed to make your Diwali extra special. We understand the significance of Diwali in your life, and that’s why we’ve curated a collection that resonates with the vibrancy and diversity of this festival.


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