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Diya Innovations is not your typical production studio for handmade products and gifts. What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to creating livelihoods for craftspeople with intellectual challenges.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide meaningful opportunities, fostering self-esteem, acceptance and inclusion within the community. We aim to elevate Social Procurement as a priority on every company’s agenda recognising its potential as a powerful tool for driving social impact.

Spreading Happiness

Since 2013

Our enterprise revolves around the strengths of our special craftspeople, giving us a competitive edge. We identify and nurture each individual’s talents, resulting in a meticulous, conscientious team that takes joy in repetitive work and achieves exceptional results even at high volumes.

The attention to details and pursuit of perfection has contributed to an inherently robust quality system with low wastage or rework. Their commitment to task completion and achieving their daily work targets has given Diya Innovations an enviable reputation for on time delivery.

Meet The Team


Assistant: Paper & Tailoring Unit

Making bags and building bonds


Lead Chocolatier

Setting the standard, raising the bar


Assistant: Wood Unit & Screen Printing

Colouring our world frame by frame


Assistant Wood Unit

Carving creations, step by step


Managing Director

Guiding Success


Assistant Candlemaker

Lighting Diya with dedication and passion


Assistant Wood Unit

Nailing craftsmanship, one joint at a time


Lead Candlemaker

Guiding success, shaping tomorrow

Prithvi Babu

Assistant: Paper Unit

Precision in every crease, elegance in every fold


Assistant Candlemaker

Illuminating memories, one wick at a time


Supervisor – Paper Unit

The Box and Board Boss


Chief of Production

Driving success, leading by example


Assistant Chocolatier

Crafting sweet indulgences, infused with commitment


Assistant Wood Unit & Screen Printing

Inking imagination, one screen at a time


Lead: Tailoring Unit

Elevating excellence, fostering growth

Innovation : Process innovation at its best

Each person’s unique skills contribute to crafting exquisite gifts even in large quantities. Our Production team has developed ingenious hacks, allowing us to offer premium handmade products to corporations for their employees and partners.

Sustainability is inherent in what we do.

Our workforce’s sensitivity to toxins and safety concerns has led us to adopt handcrafted, sustainable, and environmentally friendly practices. From design to materials and packaging, we prioritize lead-free paint, natural dyes, and recycled materials, ensuring our products become cherished keepsakes.

Authenticity: From our heart to your home

So, when you choose Diya Innovations, you are not just getting the perfect handcrafted product; you are making a difference by supporting a workforce that is often overlooked. Join us in celebrating uniqueness and sustainability, where every gift tells a heart warming story.

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