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At Diya Innovations, we are more than just a business. We are on a mission to empower people born with intellectual disabilities by providing meaningful work opportunities in an inclusive environment.

We believe that every person should have the right to dignified, meaningful and fairtrade work that provides living wages. Unfortunately, individuals with intellectual disabilities as well as other disadvantaged communities that we support, face barriers to stable employment.

Comorbid health challenges are a reality for many members of our team. This ensures that we use toxin free raw material.
The awareness of the heightened vulnerability of our communities to the impacts of climate change has motivated us to embrace eco-conscious practices, utilizing biodegradable and recycled materials, and transitioning towards a zero-waste approach.

We have adopted universal design in a holistic way. From workspaces which are noise free, stress free and clutter free to prevent sensory overload to designing manufacturing processes and products with which everyone contributes to in a meaningful way.

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Suresh Kumar

Joining Diya at the age of 17 marked a significant chapter in Suresh’s life. Over the past decade, he has not only honed his living, work, and social skills but has also become an integral and beloved member of the production team

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Lakshmi leads our stitching unit, supported by three assistants with intellectual challenges. Fondly called Lakshmi Aunty, she fosters quality, efficiency, and growth. Diya is her sanctuary, empowering her and supporting her dreams and of her three daughters.

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Vidyashilp Academy

We would like to thank you for the amazing products you sent to us. They were a big hit – classy and beautifully done . We are very grateful for their hard work and keeping up with timelines on the delivery. -Anagha Vinod

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