Beyond the Chromosome: Celebrating the Remarkable Gifts of Our Down Syndrome Artisans

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Beyond the Chromosome: Celebrating the Remarkable Gifts of Our Down Syndrome Artisans Step into the colorful world of Prithvi Babu and Bhuvana, where every stroke of the brush and every step on the production floor tells a story of boundless creativity and unwavering determination. Get ready to be inspired! It’s March and it’s Down Syndrome Awareness Month. March 21st, in particular, is a day of significance chosen to symbolize the uniqueness of Down syndrome, with its trisomy of the 21st chromosome (21/3), reminding us to celebrate diversity and embrace the extraordinary gifts within every individual. It is a day for us at Diya to proudly recognize the extraordinary talents of every member of our artisan team born with Down syndrome. Down syndrome is a genetic condition that occurs when a person is born with an extra chromosome, altering their physical and cognitive development. Do click on for more information on Down syndrome. Despite the challenges they may face, individuals with Down syndrome bring unique abilities and perspectives. Interestingly, in January this year, Mar Galcerán made history by becoming Spain’s first parliamentarian with Down syndrome. Galcerán is leading the charge for societal change, advocating for a constitutional amendment to replace offensive terms like “handicapped” with “people with disabilities.” This reform, aiming to expand rights, marks a significant milestone in Spain’s legislative history, being only the third change to its Constitution since its inception in 1978 and the first of a social nature. At Diya Innovations two of our artisans were born with Down Syndrome and the creativity, attention to detail, and unwavering dedication enhance the quality of our products and enrich our work environment in profound ways. Bhuvana : Assistant: Paper Unit – Making Bags and Building Bonds: Bhuvana stands out as an expert in bag making, be it paper or assisting with cloth bags. Her ability to focus on tasks for extended periods, coupled with her self motivation, ensures that she consistently delivers high-quality work within the stipulated time. The fact that she takes great pride in reporting back on completed assignments speaks volumes about her commitment and dedication. She is kind and caring with her colleagues and always has a smile, a kind word and a warm hug for them. A few weeks ago, the team faced a sizeable challenge – screen printing on 3000 bags, on both sides, for a very special client LadyBWell – The Breast Health People and ERIC (Early Recognition is Critical). To prevent ink smudging, each bag needs a slip of newspaper inserted. The trio working in the paper inserts, had been hustling, but they hit a snag – falling behind on receiving the cut paper inserts as the rest of the team was busy with other orders going out. Enter Bhuvana. Our star, born with Down syndrome, noticed the delay and silently took a newspaper piece home, not disclosing why. Late into the night, she meticulously cut the bits needed, using the sample piece. Read Full Testimonial