Carman Kobza


Dear Suman and passionate team of Diya’s “specially-talented” men and women,

I write his heartfelt message to THANK YOU for your amazing and inspirational work in making our beautiful LadyBWell breast cancer prevention Promise Bracelets. Many years ago when I sought an ideal global manufacturing partner, it was important to try and achieve a deeper meaning and closer connection with the people behind the bracelet’s creation as opposed to simply making a nice end product.

With Diya’s team, we succeeded in achieving both an inherent meaning greater than the product itself AND a beautiful homemade breast cancer prevention Promise Bracelet uniquely and individually crafted by your wonderful team. The wearer undoubtedly FEELS the bracelet’s built-in pride, care and love, and ultimately, the gratification of families and friends enjoying a long-life of health, happiness and fulfilment.