Lakshmi Lead: Tailoring Unit Elevating excellence, fostering growth

Being more than a team is the goal, being a ‘village’ is the vision - the village that values and respects each member for who they are, not what they are. Stories, values, and opinions are shared and backs are had.

Lakshmi leads our stitching unit with warmth and dedication. Supported by her three assistants, who were born with intellectual challenges, she nurtures their growth and skills. Fondly called Lakshmi Aunty, she fosters a culture of quality and excellence, encouraging her team to be their best every day. A wonderfully warm, sincerely loving person, Lakshmi works hard to see the team advance in ability and skill. She coaxes them to pay attention to quality, work faster, be less distracted and focus on being their best everyday.

Laskhmi , always with a smile on her face,  brings joys to all she does and everyone she meets.

Diya is more than just a workplace for Lakshmi; it's a sanctuary where she feels seen, valued, and empowered. Here, she not only hones her tailoring skills but also finds joy in the camaraderie of her diverse team. Lakshmi finds joy in the little things – laughter, ice cream and cake indulgences and the pure adoration of her diverse team members. Their love humbles her, reminding her of the simple yet profound beauty in life. More than just a workplace, it's a haven where she can be her authentic self – feel safe, heard, and appreciated for who she is.

Beyond work, Diya provides Lakshmi with the means to educate her three daughters, ensuring they have a bright and independent future. It's a space where she breaks free from societal constraints and paves her own path towards self-sufficiency and fulfillment.

Woman Power@Diya : Lakshmi along the team of woman who fuel both Diya's as well as their own dreams

At Diya, Lakshmi has found a sense of belonging and a community that celebrates her strengths and supports her dreams. Her journey inspires others with her resilience and unwavering spirit.