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Our Customers Love Us & We Love Them

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Beyond the Chromosome: Celebrating the Remarkable Gifts of Our Down Syndrome Artisans At Diya Innovations, we believe in creating gifts that not only delight the recipients but also reflect your company’s values and commitment to social responsibility. With Diya Gifting, you're not just giving a present – you're delivering a meaningful experience that reflects your company's ethos and makes a lasting impression. It's time to stand out from the crowd and show your appreciation in a truly unique and impactful way. I first worked with Diya Innovations in early 2021 when we ordered gift hampers for invited panelists. This was during the pandemic and Diya Innovations did a great job of managing the orders end-to-end. All the recipients appreciated the impeccable quality of the gifts, and for us organizers, we truly appreciated that Diya Innovations stepped up during a difficult time, such as the pandemic. I again worked with the team for our conference InGARSS 2023, in December 2023. We ordered all the mementoes for speakers and committees from DI this time. Once again, everyone was happy with the artistic designs, neat finish, and above all the social messaging behind the mementoes. The attention to detail in packing and shipping is remarkable. We will continue our business with Diya Innovations for their professionalism and their social stand. #buysocial is a good way to give back, especially when Diya Innovations makes it so easy and attractive. Jaya Sreevalsan Nair PhD Associate Professor, IIIT Bangalore https://www.iiitb.ac.in/ We will continue our business with Diya Innovations for their professionalism and their social stand. #buysocial is a good way to give back, especially when Diya Innovations makes it so easy and attractive. Dear Suman and passionate team of Diya’s “specially-talented” men and women,  I write his heartfelt message to THANK YOU for your amazing and inspirational work in making our beautiful LadyBWell breast cancer prevention Promise Bracelets. Many years ago when I sought an ideal global manufacturing partner, it was important to try and achieve a deeper meaning and closer connection with the people behind the bracelet’s creation as opposed to simply making a nice end product.  With Diya’s team, we succeeded in achieving both an inherent meaning greater than the product itself AND a beautiful homemade breast cancer prevention Promise Bracelet uniquely and individually crafted by your wonderful team.  The wearer undoubtedly FEELS the bracelet’s built-in pride, care and love, and ultimately, the gratification of families and friends enjoying a long-life of health, happiness and fulfilment.    LadyBWell’s mission…and that of amazing partners like E.R.I.C. (Early Recognition is Critical) and DearMamma (breast self-exam educational app)… of improving and saving lives is being achieved with Our Promise Bracelets that today (by the tens of thousands) stylishly adorning wrists of ladies (and gentlemen) of all ages around the world.  The message of breast cancer awareness, self-exams, prevention and caring and love “shine brightly” to the proud wearer as the “care and love” were already “built-in.”  Read Full Testimonial

Diya’s Gift First Program – Choose your Own Gift

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Beyond the Chromosome: Celebrating the Remarkable Gifts of Our Down Syndrome Artisans Let your employees choose their own gifts from our collection, specially curated for your organization The Perfect Gifting Solution for all occasions for all employees  - wherever they are located A company branded gifting portal  with company branded gifts. Reinforce your brand and values in innovative ways Employees  or Partners select their own gifts from a wide collection of curated choices. Employees select meaningful gifts they will keep and treasure Personalised communication & hassle free logistics. Shipment directly to the recipient. One Stop Hassle Free Solution for all your gifting needs Make Every Gift Count An end to end gifting solution from Diya Innovations Elevate your Brand with Gifts that Reflect your Values. Make every event memorable - Birthdays , Anniversaries , Work Anniversaries Allow them to select their own gift. Personalize the gift with their name and a unique message. Do away with the hassle of tracking dates, selecting gifts and logistics Team Gifting - Motivation , Achievements , Celebrations. Ensure that all gifting across the your company is aligned with your company’s brand and, values and creatinges the right impact Personalize gifts with  team names , tagline and even employee names. Diya’s Gift First Portal makes it easy for managers to reward and recognize their team. Festive Gifting for Employees & Partners Curate a range of Gift Boxes & hampers which are thoughtfully put together to make the celebration more personal. Please everyone Allow Employees & partners  to choose from a wide range of curated options. Diya Gifts First program ensures that the gift is delivered to the recipient wherever they are located.

Lakshmi Lead: Tailoring Unit Elevating excellence, fostering growth

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Beyond the Chromosome: Celebrating the Remarkable Gifts of Our Down Syndrome Artisans Being more than a team is the goal, being a ‘village’ is the vision - the village that values and respects each member for who they are, not what they are. Stories, values, and opinions are shared and backs are had. Lakshmi leads our stitching unit with warmth and dedication. Supported by her three assistants, who were born with intellectual challenges, she nurtures their growth and skills. Fondly called Lakshmi Aunty, she fosters a culture of quality and excellence, encouraging her team to be their best every day. A wonderfully warm, sincerely loving person, Lakshmi works hard to see the team advance in ability and skill. She coaxes them to pay attention to quality, work faster, be less distracted and focus on being their best everyday. Laskhmi , always with a smile on her face,  brings joys to all she does and everyone she meets. Diya is more than just a workplace for Lakshmi; it's a sanctuary where she feels seen, valued, and empowered. Here, she not only hones her tailoring skills but also finds joy in the camaraderie of her diverse team. Lakshmi finds joy in the little things – laughter, ice cream and cake indulgences and the pure adoration of her diverse team members. Their love humbles her, reminding her of the simple yet profound beauty in life. More than just a workplace, it's a haven where she can be her authentic self – feel safe, heard, and appreciated for who she is. Beyond work, Diya provides Lakshmi with the means to educate her three daughters, ensuring they have a bright and independent future. It's a space where she breaks free from societal constraints and paves her own path towards self-sufficiency and fulfillment. Woman Power@Diya : Lakshmi along the team of woman who fuel both Diya's as well as their own dreams At Diya, Lakshmi has found a sense of belonging and a community that celebrates her strengths and supports her dreams. Her journey inspires others with her resilience and unwavering spirit.

Suresh “The Box and Board Boss” Supervisor – Paper Unit

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Beyond the Chromosome: Celebrating the Remarkable Gifts of Our Down Syndrome Artisans Through our inclusive practices, we challenge biases and stereotypes, demonstrating that everyone has something unique and valuable to offer. We celebrate diversity, nurturing an environment where every individual thrives and grows. Suresh, the supervisor of the paper unit at Diya Innovations Private Limited, skillfully leads a team of bag makers, all of whom were born with Down syndrome. Upon receiving an order for bags, he swiftly evaluates the raw material and man-hour requirements, committing to delivery dates while independently overseeing the production process. Remarkably, these supervisory skills seamlessly extend to his role as a senior assistant in the wood department, supporting the Head of Production. Suresh's life journey is one of resilience and triumph. Born with cerebral palsy, which affected his facial and locomotor muscles, he endured extreme social exclusion during his first 10 years in a village in Tamil Nadu. His life took a transformative turn when he moved to Bangalore at the age of 10. Through dedicated physiotherapy, he learned to walk and improve his speech. Basic schooling, coupled with a keen interest in computers, empowered him to elevate his literacy levels. Suresh leads his team of artisans who are inspired  daily by his hard work and commitment Joining Diya at the age of 17 marked a significant chapter in Suresh's life. Over the past decade, he has not only honed his living, work, and social skills but has also become an integral and beloved member of the production team. His infectious sense of humor and playfulness contribute to a positive work environment. He embraces challenges as opportunities to learn new things and constantly seeks to perfect his skills and build on them. Beyond his professional achievements, Suresh has become a pillar of support for his family. He looks after their medical needs and saved enough money to build a house last year on the outskirts of Bangalore city. Suresh was the star guest and speaker at the Purple Fest Award in Goa this year As he approaches his 29th year, he is filled with optimism. He takes pride in his confidence and ability to learn. His confidence aids him in the various part-time jobs he takes on to supplement his income - washing cars in the morning and masonry jobs on weekends. When he isn’t working, he enjoys watching movies. A big fan of Tamil superstar Vijay, he believes in emulating him and working hard to reach for the stars. His confidence is boosted by the respect he receives now from his extended family in his village, who once saw him as ‘disabled’. Today he goes back to visit, as an earning and very able person!

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