Suresh “The Box and Board Boss” Supervisor – Paper Unit

Through our inclusive practices, we challenge biases and stereotypes, demonstrating that everyone has something unique and valuable to offer. We celebrate diversity, nurturing an environment where every individual thrives and grows.

Suresh, the supervisor of the paper unit at Diya Innovations Private Limited, skillfully leads a team of bag makers, all of whom were born with Down syndrome. Upon receiving an order for bags, he swiftly evaluates the raw material and man-hour requirements, committing to delivery dates while independently overseeing the production process. Remarkably, these supervisory skills seamlessly extend to his role as a senior assistant in the wood department, supporting the Head of Production.

Suresh's life journey is one of resilience and triumph. Born with cerebral palsy, which affected his facial and locomotor muscles, he endured extreme social exclusion during his first 10 years in a village in Tamil Nadu. His life took a transformative turn when he moved to Bangalore at the age of 10. Through dedicated physiotherapy, he learned to walk and improve his speech. Basic schooling, coupled with a keen interest in computers, empowered him to elevate his literacy levels.

Suresh leads his team of artisans who are inspired  daily by his hard work and commitment

Joining Diya at the age of 17 marked a significant chapter in Suresh's life. Over the past decade, he has not only honed his living, work, and social skills but has also become an integral and beloved member of the production team. His infectious sense of humor and playfulness contribute to a positive work environment. He embraces challenges as opportunities to learn new things and constantly seeks to perfect his skills and build on them. Beyond his professional achievements, Suresh has become a pillar of support for his family. He looks after their medical needs and saved enough money to build a house last year on the outskirts of Bangalore city.

Suresh was the star guest and speaker at the Purple Fest Award in Goa this year

As he approaches his 29th year, he is filled with optimism. He takes pride in his confidence and ability to learn. His confidence aids him in the various part-time jobs he takes on to supplement his income - washing cars in the morning and masonry jobs on weekends. When he isn’t working, he enjoys watching movies. A big fan of Tamil superstar Vijay, he believes in emulating him and working hard to reach for the stars.

His confidence is boosted by the respect he receives now from his extended family in his village, who once saw him as ‘disabled’. Today he goes back to visit, as an earning and very able person!