Diya’s Gift First Program – Choose your Own Gift

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Beyond the Chromosome: Celebrating the Remarkable Gifts of Our Down Syndrome Artisans Let your employees choose their own gifts from our collection, specially curated for your organization The Perfect Gifting Solution for all occasions for all employees  - wherever they are located A company branded gifting portal  with company branded gifts. Reinforce your brand and values in innovative ways Employees  or Partners select their own gifts from a wide collection of curated choices. Employees select meaningful gifts they will keep and treasure Personalised communication & hassle free logistics. Shipment directly to the recipient. One Stop Hassle Free Solution for all your gifting needs Make Every Gift Count An end to end gifting solution from Diya Innovations Elevate your Brand with Gifts that Reflect your Values. Make every event memorable - Birthdays , Anniversaries , Work Anniversaries Allow them to select their own gift. Personalize the gift with their name and a unique message. Do away with the hassle of tracking dates, selecting gifts and logistics Team Gifting - Motivation , Achievements , Celebrations. Ensure that all gifting across the your company is aligned with your company’s brand and, values and creatinges the right impact Personalize gifts with  team names , tagline and even employee names. Diya’s Gift First Portal makes it easy for managers to reward and recognize their team. Festive Gifting for Employees & Partners Curate a range of Gift Boxes & hampers which are thoughtfully put together to make the celebration more personal. Please everyone Allow Employees & partners  to choose from a wide range of curated options. Diya Gifts First program ensures that the gift is delivered to the recipient wherever they are located.